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May Avenue Plumbing

Fort Smith, AR



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May Avenue Plumbing
1514 May Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72901

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AK says:
Nice job by the Plumbers but Poor customer service on the phone with the "supervisor" I called for a brand kitchen faucet installment and brand new toilet bidet as my handyman was not available. He did the same jobs before on the kitchen and the toilet bidet and took him no more than one hour to install both. The man from the company finished the kitchen sink faucet after about 1 1/4 hour and took a way longer than we expected with the bidet toilet due to " leaking T-Piece that he has been back and forth to his truck to fix the issue." After three hours of work, I was asked to pay $ 290.36 although I was quoted that the first hour to be $75 and the following hours are $65 with 30 minutes increment! I have talked to Anna who claimed herself to be "the supervisor" and I explained to her the situation and inform her my willingness to pay for 1 1/5 hour job as it is reasonable time to spend for both item. She was adamant that I have to pay the requester ($290.36) amount and after reasoning with her, she finally cut the price to $ 189.76 ( still not sure about how the calculation for 3 hours time occurred! I asked about my options and she was very rude by saying: "You either pay the amount or go to court and pay the first requested amount". I wrote a check with the amount with memo include "Thank you, Anna :)" What a great customer service and satisfaction!