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Tom Martin Plumbing
5111 Telegraph Ave St 331
Oakland, CA 94609

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Tom Martin Plumbing


Here at Tom Martin Plumbing, we take pride in providing the best plumbing services in the East Bay Area and satisfying all our customer sewer and plumbing needs. We have been Oakland's go-to plumbing contractors for almost thirty years offering general plumbing services, water heater repair and installation, sink repair, gas line repair and hookup, drain pipe replacement and repair, and much more. We offer emergency plumbing services, and the prompt response time of our plumbers will prevent further damage to your home and restore your piece of mind. Sewers are our specialty and our sewer contractors can tackle any issue your sewer system could present whether it's testing an existing system, repairing a broken line, or removing a blockage in your sewer lines. We are one of a small number of plumbing services qualified to provide PSL(Private Sewer Lateral) testing, and can make sure your sewer system is in compliance with city ordinance. If you are buying or selling a property, we can help you determine whether your sewer system has leaks that will require replacement under PSL ordinances, and any other sewer issues related to the property. We pride ourselves on being on of the most experience contractors in the bay area when it comes to sewer systems.


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