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Galloway Beck Plumbing Heating & Cooling

Martinsville, IN



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Galloway Beck Plumbing Heating & Cooling
100 S Main St
Martinsville, IN 46151

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GMW says:
They replaced water heater in new house - and we've had to have them back out twice to fix issues they didn't completely fix - that they said they had fixed. Valve wasn't replaced - when they replaced - they left it leaking all over the floor - safety piping for the pressure valve was half-a$$ed as well - and just left to run over the floor - instead of routing to the drain pipe. Leak in electrical box wasn't fixed after first time either - when they returned - they just plastered silicone all over the side of the house around the box on the outside - looks like complete cr@p. Do not use this company if you expect things to be done right/properly. I will be sure to let all my friends/family know to not use this company and to spread around to everyone they know as well.