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M D Plumbing & Sewer & Drain

Seymour, IN



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M D Plumbing & Sewer & Drain
PO Box 535
Seymour, IN 47274

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CB says:
Called MD plumping to fix a problem I was having with my shower. MD plumbing came to my home took my shower apart told me he had to order parts to fix it. They then installed sink parts on my shower so that we could use it till the parts came in. This worked fine for awhile then the handle started to come lose. They wanted paid in advance since we had MD do work for us in the past did not think too much of this. MD plumbing also said they would be back in a few days to finish the work. To make a long story short they never came back and would not return my calls in fact the one time I did get them on the phone they where very rude. I had to hire another plumper to come and fix the shower. Not happy about having to pay twice. My advice to anyone who needs plumbing work done is to stay away from MD Plumbing.