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Robert Wallace Plumbing
607 Eden Rd
Lexington, KY 40505

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This company accepted a reuest for service from my mother's home warranty company for a slow draining toilet. She was notified via email on 7/27 that Robert Wallace had accepted the request for service, she was given a service request ref # and advised that she would be contacted within 12 hours. They gave her Robert Wallace's telephone number and advised her to call him direct if she was not contacted within 24 hours to set up and appointment. After 24 hours and no response, my mother as directed called Robert Wallace and got no answer and a recording stating that the voice mailbox is full and she could not leave a message. Called back 48 hours later answer and mailbox full....Called back 72 hours later and Robert Wallace answers the phone advises my mother he will make the service call no later than 12 noon on 8/1 (6 days after accepting the job - which is surprising for a plumber whose Web sites dedicates an entire page that boasts quick 24 hours a day service). He did not take her information down but instead asked her to text him her address. She texted him her full name, her phone number, the full address and written directions on how to get there. She also texted the home warranty info for the job he accepted. Robert Wallace did not even acknowledge that she did what he asked but her texting phone app did confirm that he got them. That was 7/30, she sent the info again on 7/31 - still no response but was confirmed received. Today 8/1 my mother (who is 80 years old BTW) sent a text confirming again that they had a service appointment scheduled for today by noon. Robert Wallace did not respond to this text either. During this same 6 day period there were also 12 attempts to call him, all went unanswered, all unable to leave a message because of the full mail box and none of these calls were returned. I even called another number that this company has listed as a contact number on the Porch Web site but that number has been disconnected. Finally at 2PM today it was obvious that Robert Wallace had missed his by 12 noon service call and I texted him and explained that I took the day off to be here to help explain to Robert Wallace the plumbing issue my mother was having and that I just needed an update as to whether he would be able to make the appointment or not and received no response. I then sent an email directly through jazz E Web site and I also got no response from the email. I decided I would check on this companies reviews. Well there are 4 stars on one site , great until you see that 3 are from the same period and are the only reviews these consumers ever left, which one learns to take with a grain of salt, one really bad one star rating from a consumer that has had the same kind of experience that we have had with Robert Wallace Plumbing. What I found most telling about this company was that Robert Wallace responded directly to this consumer basically saying "Sorry about your luck but we don't offer the service you requested, never have and then advised them to call there home warranty company and take it up with them". The problem with that is it is a lie. The service the customer had requested was "leak detection" and although Robert Wallace states that they don't do that and never have, the truth is that they advertise that on their very own website that they do leak detection, they advertise on the national plumbing referral site that they do leak detection. My next step was to stop by their offices, but the company with a website filled with technical data, rambling pros in a blog dedicated to the plumbing industry and online gauges showing the breakdown by percentage of their business services, is in reality a small brick house in a residential neighborhood out by the interstate. So I guess no luck in getting the ear of a sympathetic receptionist to get my service call going. So it's almost 6PM . It has been a week now and no response, no email, no call back, no service, NO EXCUSE. . So as a son, I hate to see my 80 year old mother have to endure this type of service. She has her hands full caring for my 81 year old post stroke father.. so if the time it took to write this review and make a report to the BBB helps just one other consumer avoid this nightmare, then it is worth the time it took to write it. Post Note: After writing this this review, i made one last attempt to reach Robert Wallace Plumbing. I emailed Robert Wallace a copy of my review and offered another chance to make this good. Everyone can have a bad week. We'll I finally got a response from Mr. Wallace. Actually within minutes. His response was he denies ever accepting the job and then he blamed the warranty company and then threatened to sue me for slander if I posted my review. It is not slander when it's the truth.